I have a Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology and have been a licensed California Marriage Family Therapist. MFC31548 since 1994. 

I have been head of the Family Therapy Program at MPI (Merrit Peralta Institute) at Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Oakland since 1995.  I lead educational  (addiction and codepencency) weekly groups of 100 clients and family members, process groups of 40 for family members and friends, as well as weekly groups of 40 for chemical dependency clients.  In addition to groups I do couples and family therapy. 

I have had a private practice in Oakland  (Piedmont) at 4281 Piedmont Ave. since 1995.  I see individuals, couples, families and codependency groups of 6-8 people. 

I have extensive training and certifications in the following therapeutic techniques:

Neurofeedback (Neuro Advantage - light and sound)
Theta Healing
Addiction/Codependency Therapy
Object Relations Theory
Transpersonal Psychology
Enneagram - Personality Systems
Michael - Personality Essence System
Family Systems Theory